I Didn’t Cheat on You– We Just Wednesday One‐Linered Up!

20‐something woman: There you are! Adam, this is Jolie. Jolie, this is Adam, the guy I hooked up with.

–2nd Ave & 9th St

Overheard by: wb

20‐something guy to friend: I’ll definitely hook up tonight. My standards are pretty low. I only require them to say ‘yes’ and it’s all good.

–N Train

Overheard by: Trish M

Guy: I was kinda sick, but I don’t think I was contagious… but I told her I was so I didn’t have to hook up with her.

–Court & Pacific Carrol Gardens

20‐something girl on cell: No, on your birthday, I hooked up with no one but you.

–1st Ave & 60th St