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Editors Hobo #1: Mor­gan Fried­man

This is one of Mor­gan’s fa­vorite web sites! Why? Be­cause it’s Al­some!
Al­so be­cause he owns it, he runs it, and when he finds some­thing he
does­n’t like, he spanks peo­ple un­til it gets fixed. Here are some oth­er sites he likes.
Anorex­ic Dancer: Julián Por­ta

Cur­rent life: Soft­ware de­vel­op­er and Ro­man Em­pire his­to­ry buff. Pre­vi­ous life: Skate­board­er, gui­tar-bass-drum play­er in a few in­die bands, sound en­gi­neer.

Editors Tween #1: : Guiller­mo Rubens

Guiller­mo di­vides his time be­tween men­tor­ing in­di­go kids, trans­lat­ing Matt Gröen­ing, writ­ing lyrics for pro­gres­sive-rock wun­derkinds, and
his two pet projects: bab­bling in­co­her­ences on the ra­dio, and ad­vis­ing Eng­lish-speak­ers about Buenos Aires.
Nun­ja: Al­varo Casano­va

Al­varo lives in Uruguay and is a stu­dent of Graph­ic De­sign and the new de­sign­er of Over­heard in New York. When not build­ing lay­outs or do­ing things for uni­ver­si­ty he plays the gui­tar and lis­ten to retro mu­sic..
Editors Loud Girl on Cell: Ad­i­na

Ad­i­na is a for­mer day-camp minibus dri­ver and text­book clerk. She does those ban­ner pic­tures on top of the sites. She will take a pho­to­graph of pret­ty much any­thing.
any­thing. Even you.

Suit #1: Dave Bar­nette

Dave lives in New Hamp­shire where he has a se­cret iden­ti­ty. He
re­mem­bers when Woody Allen was fun­ny, he reads too much, and his love
for New York has al­ways been un­re­quit­ed.
Editors JAP #2: Nick Saint

Nick is deaf as a door­knob and ob­nox­ious­ly loud, so he was go­ing to end up on Over­heard one way or the oth­er. He splits his time be­tween heap­ing scorn on his fel­low man and at­tend­ing grad­u­ate school for phi­los­o­phy.
Meat­head #2: Adam Hol­land

Adam rep­re­sent­ed Har­vard in the ’96 Olympics,
back when he had a 7.1 liter VO2 and could clean 130 ki­los. He’s now a
fa­ther of two, coach­es high school soc­cer, wrestling and row­ing, writes
short SF sto­ries, and just fin­ished a nov­el about clones and Ab­sur­dism.
Editors Frat­boy #3: Danielle Lin­de­mann

Danielle is an in­som­ni­ac Co­lum­bia grad stu­dent. Be­fore be­com­ing ed­i­tor of Over­heard, she was our #1 Best Eaves­drop­per Of All Time. Like, you know how Su­per­man can hear through walls, like, X‑Ray vi­sion, but for hear­ing? So can she.
Crack­er Chick: Jen­ny Weiss

Jen­ny is a grad­u­ate stu­dent and does things with words for mon­ey. She is al­so an ac­com­plished blur­bist, hav­ing writ­ten hun­dreds of de­con­tex­tu­al­ized para­graphs on pointe shoes and les­bian genre fic­tion.
Editors Drunk Guy: Dan Hor­witz

We don’t know why, but we do know that Dan is Very, Very Im­por­tant. Some­thing to do with nin­jas. He likes read­ing long, in­co­her­ent rants by un­hinged con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists, so go ahead and send them along.