My Friend’s From Spe­cial K‑Town, Sir

Girl on street: Where are we?
Friend: K‑town.
Girl on street: Oh re­al­ly? Yo­boseyo? Sarang­haeyo. Kam­sa­ham­ni­da!
Friend: Shhh!
Girl on street: (con­tin­ues to mum­ble ran­dom Ko­re­an words)
Ran­dom for­eign­er: Girl, you in the wrong city.


Over­heard by: Eu­n­Mi

The Orig­i­nal It­er­a­tion of Rata­touille Bombed with Young Au­di­ences

Four-year-old boy, point­ing at gi­ant in­flat­able rat: Look dad, a big rat!
Dad: Yeah, that sym­bol­izes an­ti-union la­bor where the union em­ploy­ees aren’t be­ing hired and com­pa­nies are hir­ing non-union em­ploy­ees to work with them.
Four-year-old boy: What?

–28th & Broad­way