Overheard at York

Chick #1: So, what was it like? Would you do it again?
Chick #2: Kind of like a hot dog… I was so hungry…
Chick #1: Ewww!
Chick #1: I just wanted to bite down, y’know?


Girl #1: That Zodiac movie looks pretty good…
Girl #2: Of course! It has Jake Gyllenhaal in it. Everything he touches turns to gold.
Girl #1: Oh, I know!
Girl #2: Mmm, I’d like him to touch me.
Girl #1: But it would be so uncomfortable to be all gold down there.
Girl #2: [Silence.]Girl #1: What?
Girl #2: God, you’re stupid


Brat: There’s no real chocolate bars in this vending machine. Stupid healthy people!


Girl: So, I was here yesterday and there was this, like, gorgeous guy standing in front of me. And then guess what he did? He let one go! Seriously! It wasn’t quiet, either — more like someone ripping carpet off a floor. I wondered if he’d messed himself… Gnarls Barkley again? Don’t they have any other mixed tapes?


Girl: No, isn’t Macbeth the one where she gets her husband to kill Macbeth?


Overheard by: Stu

Girl to another: We’ll figure it out. I’ll Facebook your ass or something.


Overheard by:

Bimbette: There was racism because when the English were being mean to the Irish people.
Dude: Ummm, English and Irish people are both Caucasian. Technically, they’re the same race.
Bimbette: No, Irish people have red hair.
Inattentive TA: That’s an interesting point.

Overheard at York

Nerd: So, what do you think of Hitler?

Overheard at York

Guy on cell: Look, I'm just saying. If he wants to play hardball, I'm totally prepared to show him just how hard my balls are.


Overheard by: Jon

Girl at humanities tutorial: Did we have to have works cited for our essay?
TA: Yes, you need to cite your sources.
Girl: That's so unfair! I can't be penalized just because I didn't have works cited!
TA: You need to cite your sources.
Girl: But what if I didn't have any sources?


Overheard by: headdesk