Girl in stall: Oooh, what is that little feeling in my tummy?

Bathroom, Bubba Gump, Universal CityWalk
Orlando, Florida

Overheard by: Kerberos

Chick #1: Have you ever had a class with him?
Chick #2: Yeah.
Chick #1: Does he really cry in class?
Chick #2: Sometimes.
Chick #1: … Cool.

Overheard by: wishing he was my prof

New bride: Should I get this bag for my mother-in-law?
Friend: Will it make her love you?
New bride: No… Fuck that bitch.

Saratoga Springs, New York

Overheard by: louise

Girl in dorm bathroom: I just love it when they shove evolution down my throat! That’s my favorite…

University of Wisconsin

Hot chick: What the hell is egg nog?

Overheard by: eston

Girl #1: I’m really scared right now! What are they doing? They’re going to break into some sort of big orgy any second!
Girl #2: It looks like some sort of weird sacrificial dance!
Girl #3: Yeah, like they’re getting ready to sacrifice a lamb!
Girl #2: Or a virgin!
Girl #1: Can they stop?! They’re giving me goosebumps! What are they doing?! Stop!

Lady: Yeah, he’s cute… for a seven-year-old girl.

Kenmore Square
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: H

Skinny blonde: So, yeah, my mom is dating this new guy who’s just kind of awkward and nerdy and, well, he’s just really bad at socialism.

San Diego, California

Overheard by: Molly and Katy

Chick #1: What’s your favorite color?
Chick #2: Blue. What about you?
Chick #1: Well, I like the rainbow. And I know that fur’s not a color, but I really like fur.


Overheard by: flossy.

Chick: Okay, here’s your hundred thousand dollars, and there’s the mall. And I’ll just be sitting here sprouting a penis.

Carrboro, North Carolina

Overheard by: Li’l Bit