Hot chick #1: You? You’re gonna love me.
Hot chick #2: I already do!
Hot chick #1: Good. Cream cheese?

Chick: I’m not the one who decided to take her to a gay strip club. I just participated in it. I’m not taking responsibility.

Garden State Plaza, New Jersey

Lady to hubby: So, I’ve finally decided: for my interviews I’m not gonna get a new purse. I’m just gonna get a really nice fanny pack.

Pacifica, California

Girl yelling out window to friend: Bitch! I am the motherfuckin’ bishop Don Juan of proving points!

Colfax bus
Denver, Colorado

Overheard by: lauren

Girl, about hoochie: Wait a second, Angelica — I wanna stare at this girl’s boobs.

São Paulo

Chick looking at Bratz dolls: What happened to Barbie? Who are these people? Why are they trying to sell my five-year-old sister a doll that looks like a prostitute?

Mount Vernon, New York

Girl #1: So, how long has it been?
Girl #2: Hmmm… about seven months or so.
Girl #3: What are you gonna do about it?
Girl #2: Hold a funeral for my vagina.

Prince Albert’s Diner

Overheard by: al

Chick: I can never place his accent–it's like he lives south- but his accent's eastern too.
Guy: Maybe he lives… south east? I don't know.
Chick: No, he lives in Illinois- that's north-south.

New York

30-ish blonde: Yeah, my three o’clock appointment canceled, so I lasered off my pubes.

Newcastle, Oklahoma

Chick #1, fawning over little pup: Oh my god, he is sooo adorable. Hellooo! Hellooo there, little guy! Awww, so cute. [She and her friend walk away.]Chick #2: Oh, he was so cute! I wish I could have one.
Chick #1: I wish I could have stepped on the little thing and squished its little head.