Overheard at Western

Girl #1: Oh, man, I still have to contribute money for the grad gift.
Girl #2: Yeah, I had to do that yesterday.
Girl #1: What sucks is that you have no say as to how the gift is used. I mean, a portrait of Professor Erickson* is nice, but a statue of Professor Erickson fighting a bear… Now that would be amazing!


Hot chick #1: You? You’re gonna love me.
Hot chick #2: I already do!
Hot chick #1: Good. Cream cheese?


Girl #1: So, how long has it been?
Girl #2: Hmmm… about seven months or so.
Girl #3: What are you gonna do about it?
Girl #2: Hold a funeral for my vagina.

Prince Albert’s Diner

Overheard by: al

Chick #1: Have I ever told you how much I hate Sex and the City?
Chick #2: Yes.
Chick #1: I just think that if women are going to base their lives around a TV show, it should be a cooler one… like Ninja Turtles.
Chick #2: You’re right.
Chick #1: April O’Neil was a good role model. She was interested in reporting the truth and wearing yellow jumpsuits. And nailing Casey Jones. He was hot.


Girl #1: Oh, god. It’s freezing! Fuck life!
Girl #2: You mean, fuck the weather.
Girl #1: No, fuck life… And fuck random people telling me I have ADD!


Overheard by: dela

Dude to two chicks: So, my friends are really nice… Just don’t accept any drinks from them.


Overheard by: nate

Chick: Hey, how was your reading week?
Dude: Okay. I just went home, did nothing. How was yours?
Chick: It was good. I went to Florida.
Dude: Yeah, I saw some pic—tures… [Awkward silence.] Well, I’ll see ya.


Overheard by: alex

Devout chick: Oh my god, I know! I never wear bras on Sundays!


Overheard by: katrina

Girl #1: Oh my god! You should see this guy I met at a party [shows a picture on her computer].
Girl #2: Yeah, he’s pretty good-looking.
Girl #1: I know, he’s so hot. Like, in an ‘I’m mysterious and a recovering drug addict’ sort of way.


Overheard by: laura

Girl: Hey! That guy pierced my nipple on Friday!