Woman on cell: …hon, she had a gut!
Little boy: Mom, chubby is the new black.

–75th & Broadway

Old man #1: I must have my cloaking device on today! Ha, ha.
Old man #2: Get the fuck out of my way, asshole.
Old man #1: Damn Klingons.

–D’Agostino, Greenwich Street

Overheard by: nick

Guy: What were you doing when I walked in this morning?
Girl: Putting on my pantyhose.
Guy: You looked like a turtle. Don’t ever make me see that again.

–46th & 3rd

Overheard by: MeliV

Guy #1: He’s always dressed in Gucci, Versace, and all that shit.
Guy #2: Nigga, if I was skinny I’d wear nice stuff too.
Guy #1: Yeah, I’m sure it’s your weight that’s keeping you from wearing Gucci.

–Queensboro Plaza station

Overheard by: Preebz

Girl on cell: Seriously George, I gained twenty pounds while I was in LA, and now every black guy in the city can’t stop talking to me about my ass!
Guy slowly driving by and waving out window: Oooh girl, you so fiiiine…you gorgeous.
Girl on cell: Jesus Christ! There’s another one! I’ve gotta call you back, I’m going to the gym.

–Broadway & Bleeker

Preteen girl #1, seeing friend take out glasses case: Oh my god, you wear glasses?
Preteen girl #2: Yeah, I have really bad foresight.

–Columbus Cricle

Frat boy #1: I see you wear your hat slightly up and to the right.
Frat boy #2: Yep.
Frat boy #1: But are you in the Facebook group "I Wear My Hat Slightly Up and to the Right"?
Frat boy #2: Yep.

–Silver Center, NYU

Overheard by: tj

Freshman #1: Let’s not kid ourselves — the men who shop at Sears do not care what the underwear looks like on other men.
Freshman #2: Sears catalogs are only for straight boys in North Dakota to masturbate to.
Freshman #1: In North Dakota, even the Internet has no porn.

–F train

Black chick: What’d bring me to? Once you seen Queen Latifah you don’t need to see this shit.
Black guy: I’m tryin’ to fill you with some culture.
Black chick: Why don’t you fill my closet with Prada?

–Ambassador Theatre, West 49th Street

Guy: We thought Cecile got the Burberry print ad.
Girl: Yeah, if she got it I was going to manage her career.
Guy: It was up between her and another dog, but I guess she lost.

–Bread Tribeca, Church Street

Overheard by: Jaysen Medhurst