Hobo: Anyone have any spare change or medicine for lice?

–Christopher St. station

Overheard by: Matthew Dyke

Hobo: Excuse me, excuse me, sir, do you have change for a 12?

–West 4th Street

Singing hobo: I just spilled, I just spilled, I just spilled my blackberry brand-ayyyy.

–14th St. & 6th Ave.

Overheard by: wayne mitchell

Black woman: White men are fucking idiots! They’re morons.

–M7 bus

Overheard by: Jason Steinhauer

Teenage boy: Man, I seen that guy Q…he’s all the time going to Coney Island.

–57th St. station (Q train terminal stop)

Italian guy: …so my nephew, right? He’s so stupid I gotta make him the lifeguard at my car wash!

–Taormina, Mulberry St.

Overheard by: Eric Rexilius

Guy on cell: I’m at Avenue of the Americas and…Little Brazil Street.

–W. 46th Street & 6th Avenue

A woman in a stupid fleece hat says to her friends, also in stupid fleece hats: This is my backyard when I’m not at the house!

–Central Park, 5th & 59th

Overheard by: Kat Martinez

Hobo: Folks, help me out. I am trying to get my rotor blade fixed on my helicopter!

–W. 10th and 7th Ave

Overheard by: Alex Wipf

Connecticut woman: It was such a joke among my friends; I was always going out with artists or unemployed people…which I guess is the same thing.

–Cuppa Cuppa, East Village

Girl #1: I don’t know how I got pregnant.
Girl #2: Well, don’t you use birth control?
Girl #1: Yes! That’s why I don’t understand. Right after I had sex I squirted in a lot of that birth control foam cream stuff.
Girl #2: After? You’re supposed to put it in before. That’s why it prevents pregnancy.
Girl #1: Oh? I didn’t know that.
Girl #2: You know you oughta get a IUD. There’s nothing to remember or know, they just stick it in there and you can like keep it in there forever!
Girl #1: Who sticks it in?
Girl #2: Forget it. Just go to the doctor like right away like yesterday. Uh, I mean as soon as possible.

–1st & 1st

Overheard by: Deborah Olin

Guy #1: Is this that beer I left here last time?
Girl: No, I just can’t open it.

He tries to, fails, and says: Oh I see, you mean you can’t open it physically.
Guy #2: As opposed to what, metaphorically?

–UES apartment

Overheard by: ian

Guy on cell: …so then he just punched me, yeah! Just punched me right in the face. Well I figured I oughta get dressed and leave her room, yeah, he was pissed…No, she’s his only kid.

–Empire State Building

Man: I never met a necrophiliac, but my friend met one at Bellevue.

–La Grolla, UWS

Cashier: Do you want anything on it?
Buyer: What?
Cashier: Do you want anything on your hot dog?
Buyer: Yes.
Cashier: What would you like?
Buyer: Nothing.

–Papaya’s, 86th & 3rd

Old man #1: I must have my cloaking device on today! Ha, ha.
Old man #2: Get the fuck out of my way, asshole.
Old man #1: Damn Klingons.

–D’Agostino, Greenwich Street

Overheard by: nick