Wednesday One-Liner Liner, Bang Bang

Guy on phone: You know that song, "I kissed a girl and I liked it"? Yeah, that's your mother.

–68th & 1st Ave

Preteen kid to older brother: You kiss boys on the mouth? You're 23 years old! You're supposed to stop doing that shit!

–Planned Parenthood Office, Long Island

Overheard by: amused

Theater major on cell: Nope. No smooching for me. Can't be smooching with these canker sores.

–Wagner College

Overheard by: Ew.

Adult to child: So his body just went into shock. From the kissing, you know. He just couldn't take the cooties. Like, I'm lactose intolerant, my body can't metabolize lactose. Well, his body couldn't metabolize the cooties. Cooties are an enzyme too, you know.

–BX1 Bus

Overheard by: Lynn