Wednesday One-Liners Support a Woman's Right to Choo-Choos

Conductor: 14th street, transfer to the c, e and shuttle to Union Square. This is an a train going… Um…I don't know, it's Monday morning. We're going Uptown, get on if you wanna join.

–A Train

Conductor: There are seats available in the front or rear of the train. If you've already paid the extra quarter, you might as well enjoy the ride.

–Queens-bound 7 Train

Overheard by: Sarah

Conductor at 68th street: This train will be making express stops,59th Street will be next followed by 42nd, then 14th Street. Again, this train will stop at 59th Street, 42nd Street… umm-uhhh then Time Square, errr ummm 14th Street. Get on the train.

–6 Train Downtown

Overheard by: laughingallthewaytounionsquare

Conductor, as train pulls into 7th Avenue: Ladies and gentlemen, I remind you that there is no e train service at this station this weekend… again.

–D Train

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we are delayed due to train traffic ahead of us. Get to know your neighbors.

–Brooklyn College-bound 2 Train

Overheard by: Kinda scared of my neighbors

Engineer on overhead speaker, while train is stuck in snow: Okay, plan b.

–Metro North Train