Heaven Looks Just Like Hell, Except People Take Care of Each Other

Crazy lady: You know what, Eric? All of our friends? Fuck them. She wants to commit suicide, she wants the universe to explode — it’s fucked up. That’s why me and Baby are going to go get something to eat. You should come.
Crazy man #1, Eric: No, I can’t come. I don’t really feel like being outside. Last time all I wanted when I went outside was some milk and oranges, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.
Crazy man #2, Baby: Oh, then don’t worry. When we come back, we’ll find you oranges and milk on the way and bring them to you.
Crazy lady: Mama’s gonna bring you back a good orange. A Sunkist orange. You know what else Mama’s gonna do? Bring you some good milk. Milk and oranges for my Eric.

–Staten Island Ferry