Médico Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong

Teen girl: Yeah, everyone says I’m really bohemian.
Teen guy: Wait, I thought you were Mexican.

–N train
Headline by: Hawley Smoot 

· “Are you poor or just pretending to be poor?” — Eli!
· “Because Of The Whole ‘Dirty Sanchez’ Thing, Right?” — Bored Beyond Belief
· “Bohemia: Czechs think it’s a Kingdom, Mexicans think it’s a beer. Our scientists have traced this rift in Space‐Time to a New York N‑Train.” — Hawley Smoot
· “Breaking News: Uptown Lawmakers Unanimously Decide to Build Twenty‐Foot‐Tall Fence Along 14th St.” — Alex
· “Either way, the Republicans will want to deport her” — Russ Wall
· “Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Figaro! Mexico!” — aileron
· “Mary Kate and Ashley overset the Tanning bed clock” — jojo
· “No I said I want to BE in Rent, not I can’t PAY my rent” — Riley Ray
· “Poncho Profiling” — Kaleena
· “Rhapsody in Brown” — hawaiianinny
· “The venn diagram just looks like one circle.” — Duckbill Oedipus
· “Understandable, since she smokes clove cigarettes outside of Chipotle on St. Mark’s” — chris
· “We use Pinatas to hide our weed” — Fudgie D Whale
· “Yes, I’m half Czech, but you’re all conformist.” — eyp

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