She’s Working Her Way through My Address Book. Today She’s on the Ds.

Girl #1: Hey, how’re you doing?
Girl #2: Hey! Aren’t you – ?
Girl #1 slaps girl #2, then runs away screaming: You’re a fucking bitch!
Girl #2 on cell: Hello, Alex*? This is Diane*. I haven’t seen you in, like, three years, so could you please explain to me why your ex‐girlfriend, whom I’ve never met, just slapped me and called me a bitch? Call me back, thanks, bye.

–Starbucks, 4th & University

Overheard by: Chitin

Headline by: David Terrenoire

· “Girl, Interrupted” — Cooper Cheatham
· “I think it had to do with that one time my penis was in your vagina.…” — ryan
· “Lucky to only get half the clap in return” — Brian A
· “Maybe Because You Still Have Me on Speed Dial After 3 years?” — Bobita
· “When Alibis Attack” — Barry Negrin
· “When you dump someone, you’re dumping everyone they’ve ever dumped.” — Ed Maudlin
· “You also might want to check on the pet rabbit” — will1966

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