That’s How You Get Hepatitis G

Thug guy #1: Take a look at this shit [on my digital camera].
Thug guy #2: Look at that joint; it looks straight up like a Toys “R” Us commercial.
Thug guy #1: So we was on the safari, and you know how you’re not supposed to have the windows down on those joints? Then that girl up there rolled the window down and the giraffe stuck its head in like, “Yo, what up?” and I was like, “Bitch, roll the window up!” and it came back out. I was scared, yo. I thought that thing was gonna bite me or something.
Thug guy #3: Giraffes don’t eat meat.
Thug guy #1: I don’t care! That thing could have bit me or spit on me or licked me!

–L train shuttle bus

Overheard by: T. DeVon Robinson