Wednesday One-Drink-Minimum Liners

Middle-aged optimist: That's just the way it is, you're sitting in lemons and suddenly you get lemonade!

–JFK Jetblue Terminal

NYU guy to friends: I have a drinking problem. As in, when I drink water, I spill it all down my front. (demonstrates) See? (chuckles) Drinking problem.


Undergrad girl: Yeah I'm, like, not a big fan of orange juice. Like, unless it's fresh-squeezed and, like, I'm in Florida or whatever. Otherwise, like, there's no need for that.

–Columbia University Gym

Brownstone Brooklyn mom to Packer-uniformed son holding bottle of orange soda: Honey, that has too much sugar. We have plenty of pomegranate juice at home.

–Brooklyn Trader Joe's

Overheard by: Steve