Get Outta His Way When He Finds Out the Truth about Santa…

Guy with fliers: Psychic readings! Only 10 dollars! Psychic readings!
Realist: Yo man, if that bitch knows where the money at, why don’t she go get it herself?
Guy, dropping fliers: Word! I’m going to go ask that bitch now!

–Union Square

Headline by: Allison


· “He’s a regular Nostra-Dumbass” – Smellface

· “I see dead presidents!” – The Amazing Gotcharocksoff

· “Miss Cleo: Your First Card Is Sucker, The 3 Of Sheisters” – the ace of spades

· “That Takes a Pair of Crystal Balls.” – DanK

· “We ALL saw that coming” – JP

· “While You’re There, Ask Her Where The Leprechaun At” – wookie

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