How Marshmallows Are Made (A NYC Short Story)

Fat woman: You’re a piece of shit, you know that? That’s what you are, a piece of shit. You are a bitch, and you know who else is a bitch? Your mother. And your grandmother is a bitch, and her mother was a bitch, and all those generations before that were bitches. You should go back to your country, where they’re not so stupid to give our money to people like you who spend it on fur coats. You think you have more money than me? Lady, I have more money than you could ever dream of having. And I’m young, I’m 25, and you’re old, you’re an old lady. Get a job.
Russian woman: Since I come here from Russia, I work every day for 17 years! You are terrible!
Fat woman: Oh right, right. I’ve seen you on Stillwell, paying with food stamps in your fur coat. You are a piece of shit, you bitch.

The train stops at 4th avenue. The fat woman leaves the train, cursing, and bangs loudly on the window from outside. A cop approaches her, and seeing him she holds the train doors open.

Fat woman: Officer! Officer! This Russian lady in this car here was yelling at me. That’s her, sitting right there, she was cursing at me.
Cop: Come with me, miss.

He drags the fat woman off. The entire car applauds.

–F train

Overheard by: Eric W