I Saw Frank Open a Beer Bottle With His Labia

Fireman, telling a story about a female fire fighter: She’s one tough woman.
Retired cop: All firemen are tough women.

–Bar, Staten Island
Headline by: Max North

· “And Don’t Even Get me Started on Lifeguards…Bunch of Pussies.” – Lindsey
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· “Don’t Get Him Started on Meter Maids…” – colin
· “Firefighters Are From Venus, Cops Are From Jersey” – Hunter North
· “It Makes For an Interesting Calendar” – travis
· “That’s How the Poles Stay so Smooth” – Syd O’Banion
· “They All Refused Anesthesia During the Sex Change Operation” – Johnny D
· “Which Does Much to Explain the Low Salaries” – Jenina
· “You Should See His Burnt Doll Collection” – Matthew
· “You’ll Never Be the Man Your Mother Was.” – Paul

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