Girl: Yeah, so I thought my professor was just affected, but today
she admitted she’s Canadian.

–116th & Broadway

Student #1: That’s hot.
Student #2: Did you actually just say that?
Teacher: Come on, leave her alone. She meant ‘hot’ with a ‘ph.’

–Convent of the Sacred Heart

Overheard by: hot with a ph

Young woman at a party in Manhattan: “On the first day, the director of the department introduced us to the writing program and, when he asked us if we had any quesitons, one girl raised her hand and she asked, ‘Where are all the guys?’–that was the first question someone asked! I was so embarrassed.”

Dental hygienist: What is your dissertation going to be on?
Grad student: The cultural barriers to health care for Mexican-born migrant farm workers.
Dental hygienist: How about the cultural barriers to health care for German-American dental hygienists with $2,500 deductables, instead?

–Hunter College

Professor #1: And so I told her it would be called So You Think You Can Fuck…
Professor #2: Right! And there’d be twelve couples…

–Columbia University

Overheard by: Gigi

Student #1: I don’t think we learned anything.
Student #2: Well, did you do the reading?
Student #1: No.
Student #2: Well, what did you expect?
Student #1: I don’t like to read. I like to be taught.

–Elevator, NYU School of Continuing & Professional Studies, 42nd & 5th

Overheard by: Josh Barro