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13-year-old goth boy: Hey! You look like a hippie!
Hippie: Yeah…
13-year-old goth boy, offering hand: My name’s Jason*. I thought I should introduce myself since I said you looked like a hippie and all.
Hippie: Okay…
13-year-old goth boy: You know, you look like a Tim. I’ve got a friend named Tim who looks just like you, only his face is mousier.
13-year-old goth girl: Oh. My. God! That’s it! No snowball for you!
13-year-old goth boy: Christ! I can’t play with dead squirrels, I can’t talk to the hippie…! What the hell can I do?!

Snowball stand
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Amused Girlfriend