Sometimes He Even Gets a Bear Claw

15‐year‐old boy #1: So, like, I know they used whales for, like, their blubber and shit, but I thought there was something else they killed ’em for.
15‐year‐old boy #2: Dumbass. They kill whales for their tusks, everybody knows that!
15‐year‐old boy #1: Oh, right… But I thought that’s what elephants were for.
15‐year‐old boy #2: Nope. Their ears.
15‐year‐old boy #1, baffled: Their ears?!
15‐year‐old boy #2: Yep, my dad goes down to the bakery every Sunday and gets an elephant ear and a coffee. I swear.
15‐year‐old boy #1: That’s some fucked‐up shit!

–Faye’s Starbucks

Overheard by: Stop elephant cruelty! Save the elephant ears!