Wednesday One-Liners Did Not Chop Down That Cherry Tree

Girl on cell, gazing into window of Nine West: Look, I’m with a client right now so I really can’t talk, okay?

–50th & 6th

Overheard by: Carol

Teen on cell looking at dresses: I’m just walking out of a movie theater… A movie theater!

–Banana Republic, 5th Ave

Overheard by: not at the movies

Thug to pissed girl on cell: Yo, I’m, like, dumb far right now, baby. I’m in, like, Brooklyn [gets into pimped-out car with friends pouring Arbor Mist into McDonald’s cups and speeds off].

–106th & Broadway

Overheard by: Wendy Darling

Asian teen on cell: Hey, Emma, I’m back in Chicago! Yeah, want to hang out tomorrow?

–Park Slope, Brooklyn

Thugette on cell: I ain’t tryin’ to hear that! You know how I know you lyin’? ‘Cause I just heard it say ‘Stand by while your call is connected.’ You know what that means? That means you in jail, nigga. Don’t give me no shit that you’re in Chicago for the week.

–39th & Lex

Overheard by: Adrian