Wednesday One-Liners Shoulda Looked It Up

Coworker: Heiser… Wasn’t that Hitler’s last name?

–Public library

Overheard by: Apparently I’m related to that guy

Lady in line: What’s the difference between french fries and cheese fries?

–Shake Shack

Overheard by: cheese connoisseur

Confused German tourist: Is this the meatloaf district?

–14th & 9th

Overheard by: blistexaddict

Guy: What is the opposite of September?

–Law firm, Lexington Avenue

Girl: Wait… Was Hurricane Katrina a tsunami?

–Francis School, Staten Island

Clueless girl to captain of the schooner Adirondack: So, like, is Adirondack a girl’s name or something?

–Hudson River

Overheard by: glad I’m not her daughter

Woman leaving the subway: I still don’t get it. Is the subway a train or a bus?

–Museum of Natural History subway station

Overheard by: dinoman