Wednesday One-Liners Take Root

Guy: He totally harassed my mother into getting a haircut. It was basically like rape. Except, you know, with a haircut.

–6 train

Overheard by: Always Amazed

20-something: It’s one of those bars in Williamsburg that you can’t get in unless you have a mustache.

–Brooklyn-bound L train

College girl: Do you want glow-in-the-dark body hair?

–LIRR, Penn Station

Overheard by: catherine

Chick in elevator: I don’t complain about stuff. Well, maybe my hair, but only because my hair is, like, really, really important!

–NYU Palladium

Tourist dad braiding wife’s hair: … And that’s what they mean by ‘nappy-headed hos.’

–Central Park South

Overheard by: eric

Chick with Pirate Queen playbill: Besides, you could tell that the other clan wasn’t going to get very far, because the clan leader just didn’t have very good hair.

–44th & 9th

Overheard by: Rose Fox

Flight attendant: Everyone, please remain seated until the captain turns off the ‘Fasten seatbelt’ sign. That includes annoying little girls with dark brown, curly hair.

–JetBlue flight, JFK