Wednesday One-Liners Taste the Rainbow

Seven-year-old, looking around: Mommy, is this a gay place?

–Columbus Circle Mall

Deadpan guy: Just for future reference, when you have gay sex in a bathroom stall, you might wanna put paper bags over your feet so people don’t see two pairs of male feet under the door and catch on… I’m just saying.

–Wagner College

Overheard by: Zabet

Fat chick: Gay sex makes everything better.

–Nederlander Theatre

Scruffy college student to friend: So, I told my parents I was gay… Then they told me I was adopted.


Overheard by: ramona

Old Asian woman, smiling after reading tabloid cover: He is not gay!

–Barnes & Noble, 18th & 5th

Overheard by: I still think he is :-/, BiTCHESSSS!!