Wednesday One-Liners: The Musical

Crackhead singing to another: You don’t bring me flowerrrs anymorrre.

–Starbucks, W 4th & Grove

Drunk guy crossing street: No touching, ladies… I’m saving myself for divorce. [Sings] Iii’m saving myself for divorrrce!

–36th & Broadway

Conductor: Next stop, New York, New York. [Singing] New York, New York, oh what a beautiful city — New York, New York! [Speaking normally] Penn Station is next, folks.

–NJ Transit

Man running down subway stairwell, singing: At least it’s snowing!

–79th & Broadway

Overheard by: it wasn’t snowing

Girl, singing: I love tweeeed!

–Century 21

Man on bus, singing: I want a vagina for Christmas.

–92nd & 3rd

Brunette, singing: You put the sushi in your coochie and you turn yourself around — that’s what it’s all about!

–Morningside Heights

Overheard by: Ladle