You’ll Be Embarrassed When You Realize He’s Talking on His New Bluetooth

Hobo to himself: The VA wants $200. (pause) How can I give them $200? (pause) I only get $320. (pause) Maybe I’ll bribe them. (pause) No, that won’t work – you need money to bribe people.

–Chase ATM, Grammercy

Overheard by: cmk

Headline by: Luminesce

· “He’ll Be Running a Hedge Fund in No Time” — again
· “I Guess the Facelift Will Have to Wait” — JohnAustin
· “In the End, He’ll Use His Sex Appeal” — Daniel
· “It’s a Catch‐22” — Gary
· “Or Just Vomit on Their Doorstep Until They Cave in” — Fresca P
· “You Could Try to Sell Barack Obama’s Senate Seat” — Nick Pollotta

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