I Was Sick for Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

Long Island girl: 42nd St is where there is lots of prostitution, right?
Female friend: What?
Long Island girl: Yeah, I thought I heard that 42nd St was where all the prostitutes were?
Female friend: Ummm…that’s like Times Square. It’s a major touristy spot.
Male friend: Maybe there’s an occasional strip club?
Long Island girl: Oh my god, I really want to go to a strip club – I’ve never been to one before!

–6 Train

Overheard by: Amused

Headline by: 1310 (formerly SNA)

· “As the Economic Crisis Worsens, Margie Becomes Increasingly Desperate for a Job.” — Carla
· “I Thought Mass Tourism WAS Whoring Yourself Out ?” — Cass
· “If Parents Don’t Have the Sex Industry Talk, Someone Else Will” — space coyote
· “Long Islanders and Tourists Have Become One.” — Fresca
· “That’s How They Get New Recruits” — Skwerl!

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