The Surest Way to a Man’s Heart: Through Your Large Intestine.

30‐something woman #1: It’s only a matter of time when you start dating a guy before he asks you the question.
30‐something woman #2: What question?
30‐something woman #1: C’mon, the thing that every guy asks for in bed.
30‐something woman #2: Ooooooohhhh, anal sex.
30‐something woman #1: That’s the question!

–E Train to Queens

Overheard by: butt, of course

Headline by: Brian Costlow

· “Alex, I’ll Take “Things That Will Never Happen” for $100″ — The Trayster
· “Gotta Stop Meeting Boyfriends at the Pray Out The Gay Sessions.” — KJM
· “I Always Keep My Strap‐on in My Purse — Just in Case.” — Sodajerk
· “I Just Hope He Doesn’t Ask at a Baseball Game. Too Cliche.” — pieski
· “Pooping the Question” — tech98
· “Reason #32 to Be a Lesbian” — Trey Jackson

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