Wednesday One-Liners Gotta Put Food on the Table

Conductor: Look, people, stop leaning against the doors. It only makes you late to work. I ain’t gonna to be late for work — I’m at work.

–2 train

Dude to buddies: Shit, yeah, first we get the job, then we get the cayenne, then we get the girls!

–Prince St

Overheard by: 3 musketeers

Lady suit: We can’t bring in an asshole. We tried that last year and it didn’t work.

–45th & Lex

Barista: Yo, I like my schedule — work, sleep, sleep at work, go home and smoke some blunts, some weed, sleep… You can’t do that shit on a temp schedule.


Conductor: This is 47th Street, Rockefeller Center. Home of Top of the Rock, the Rainbow Room… and your job.

–Rockefeller Center