Wednesday One‐Liners Prefer to Be Called ‘Caucasian’

Hispanic guy to another, leaving restroom: Man, it smells like white man’s shit in there.

–Trump Tower, 5th Ave

Hobo to hispanic guy on cell: Are there any white people in this town?

–Wyckoff & Troutman, Brooklyn

Overheard by: they’re coming

Woman: But it’s Aryan night…

–116th & Broadway

Hobo playing guitar: I’ve got three kids at home — I’ll take anything. I’ll take food stamps, hair weave, Chinese people’s money, change, food, weed… I’ll even take white people’s money.

–1 train

Overheard by: trooshieb

Black lady: Harlem is up and coming, but it ain’t come up yet. I need to see a few more white people jogging at six a.m. before I sign a lease above 125th.

–7 train