Wednesday One-liners Use Safety Scissors

Girl: If she were dead, she would have called, right?

–83rd & York

Overheard by: Will

Suit: Well see, I’ve always either been single or in a relationship.

–Duane & Broadway

Overheard by: McGins

Guy on cell: Yeah, what he said made us sound stupid. But it made me sound even stupider!

–Broadway & Bleecker

Overheard by: jillypickle

Girl on cell: Hello? No, you have the wrong number…Hello? No, I told you you had the wrong number. What are you, illiterate?

–M train

Overheard by: Jane

Guy: Yo, I never knew Dean Koontz wrote books in Spanish. He’s mad smart! And Bill Clinton, too!

–Barnes & Noble libros en espanol section, Union Square

McChick: Would you like that “with cheese”, or without “with cheese”?

–McDonald’s, 44th and Lex

Man: Oh shit, it’s raining outside too?

–Office, 40th & 3rd

Overheard by: Colin F.