For the Last Time Dad, Marijuana Is NOT a Vegetable

Street performer: I declare today the “Eat Vegetables and Dance Day”!
Tourist to son: See, I told you all New Yorkers are crazy and high.

–South Street Seaport

Headline by: AlpacaHoss

· “As a Perfectly Sane Dance‐Eater, I Take Exception to That Remark” — Upstanding New Yorker
· “Does She Mean the People or the Rent Payments?” — Uncle Bling
· “Now Lettuce Boogie Out Of Town” — Kevin Babbles
· “Now Let´s Go to McDonald’s, and I’d Better Not See Those Hips Shaking” — Laura
· “Now Stop Dancing and Eat This Bacon” — Jesse
· “Richard Simmons Tries to Restart His Career” — sweatin to the oldies
· “What and Break My Perfect Morbidly Obese Record?” — Nota Fatty
· “You Laugh Until You Realize That New Yorkers Get the Day Off From Work” — BabakganoosH

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