I Went to NYC and All I Got Was This Rash

Drunk tourist flirt: It was verrry nice meeting you all, and I hope to see you all again real soon! [Shakes hands with local teens, then leaves.]Local teen, to friends: Yo, she wanna fuck e’rybody!

–4 train

Overheard by: Not Me

Headline by: VeggieGirl

· “As If We Need to Import That or Something” — gib
· “I Went to NY and All I Got Was Bukkake” — Ken H.
· “Reader Survey: Britney, Paris, or Lindsey? Vote Now!” — Fleetline
· “She Ran Out Of Folks to Fuck Back in Iowa.” — Redneck Jedi
· “Southern Hospitality Is the Shizzle” — The Heiress

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