Isn’t That Why He’s With That Ho Now?

13‐year‐old girl #1: I can’t believe he’s with that ho now.
13‐year‐old girl #2: It’s ’cause she just got right up in his face and spread ’em. She just spread ’em.
13‐year‐old girl #1: Well, yeah, I mean she’s ugly so she’d had to do something really extreme, you know?
13‐year‐old girl #2: Yeah, girl, she just spread ’em.
13‐year‐old girl #1: Whatever, it might have been easy but I could do all kinds of freaky things she just can’t ever do for him. She made it easy, but she ain’t a freak like me. I can do him all kinds of freaky ways that no one else can.
13‐year‐old girl #2: Well, I can do some freaky shit too.
13‐year‐old girl #1: Yeah, maybe. But not like me. I think I’m the freakiest woman alive. I got secrets you just can’t even imagine. And I’m not sharin’.

–1 Train

Overheard by: shocked and appalled