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Girl on street: I like your hat!
Man on bike: Thank you!
Girl on street: I was just kidding!


Man #1: There is literally a whale driving that car. Through some form of magic, a whale was turned into a woman and is now driving a car!
Man #2: I think the whale looks pretty surprised. I would be, too, if I suddenly got turned into a woman and put in a car!


Overheard by: wyse

Sad dude: The great thing about being a bike courier is that my muscles no longer respond to commands unrelated to bicycling. For instance, I just spilled a Caesar salad all over my pants.


Person #1: But isn’t that lying?
Person #2: Don’t worry about it, it’s only for your security clearance.


Geek: I can’t wait to spend three days sitting in my underwear working on my websites.


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