Watch Out! They’re About to Explode!

Guy: You see that bum? He wouldn’t even look me in the eye. I know him from the Bronx. Evvverybody knows everybody in the Bronx, especially if you do drugs. He’s a liar…His daughter did die, but 3 years ago. He got so much money hustlin’ on the D train, but now they all know it’s bullshit, so he came all the way to Queens.…what, he gotta bury his daughter every year? He gonna ask for money when the girl died 20 yrs ago?…And if you don’t got money for a burial, the city gives it to you. He fulla shit.

–7 train

Overheard by: MR

Standing in line is a guy with a massive 12‐roll pack of toilet paper. His buddy comes up to join him and says: I always knew you were full of shit.

–Rite Aid, Irving Place

Overheard by: Vera Farrelly