Here’s Where the Story Ends, Wednesday One-liners

Hipster on cell: Best case scenario is: I talk, and you say
nothing. We have nothing to talk about.

–65th & 2nd

Overheard by: Gregorio and Robyn

Queer: Instead of cheating, I define it as an indiscretion.

–Posh, W. 51st Street

Overheard by: Nick Salvato

Dude on cell: … are breaking up…wha? no…I meant your voice is breaking up…nope…wha? no…I don’t want to break up with you…hello…hello…

–West 4th & Macdougal

Dude on cell: So how’s the single life?…Well, that’s good, because if you were pregnant, I’d stick my fist in your twat and pull that thing outta there…I said, I’d stick my fist in your twat. Yeah, I would…Because I’m not really ready to be a dad right now, you know?


Overheard by: maura johnston