Wednesday One-Liners Work in a Hot Industry

Thug, to his friend: Yo, there are mad bitches in this hood. Why you eyeballin’ me?

–73rd & York

Overheard by: I was eyeballin’ him too

Dude: I can’t believe that sausage fest! There were no females up in that bitch!

–103rd & Lex

Overheard by: robin b

Lady: You know what the difference between her and Lonny is? She’s nice, and Lonny’s a bitch.

–Tennis courts, Central Park

B&T boyfriend, calling angrily out the window of his car: Bitch, I love you!

–White St, between Lafayette & Canal

Man to old blind lady: Watch where you’re going, bitch!

–12th St & 6th Ave

Guy, laughing at friend who dropped his coffee: That’s gravity, bitch!

–49th & 8th

Queer on cell: Oh my God, she, like, worships me…Yeah, I know, I’m totally the best thing that ever happend to her…Oh, no, I can’t stand her. She’s a total skanky bitch, bitch, bitch!

–Peanut Butter & Co, Sullivan St