Wednesday One‐Liners for Chandler Bing’s Dad

Dude: Is it true the city is outlawing fat trannies?

–14th & 9th

Girl on cell: … But the conversation is getting so good! I’m announcing my attraction to trannies, and you’re talking about the S‑and‑M relationship of our friends!


Overheard by: Poogins

Crazy drunk man to 11‐year‐olds: Suck my dick, bitch! And my pussy!

–F train

Tranny to Jehovah’s Witnesses: You don’t know nothing about God. I ain’t got no testicles. You can’t tell me about God.

–149th & St. Nicholas

Overheard by: KcB

Chubby guy: I don’t hang with women with tits smaller than mine.

–Sidewalk cafe, Greenpoint

Overheard by: Big Larry

Butch woman on cell: So, Jennifer — you know, my ex‐wife’s boyfriend…

–Payless Shoe Source, 34th St