Wednesday One-Liners Carry Razor Blades and a Mirror

Thug on cell: Will I accept payment in what? In coke? Fuck no, I won’t accept an eight-ball as payment. No. No way, bitch, I don’t care how pure it is. Uh-uh, the only coke I do comes in five dollar rocks. I can’t afford to get hooked on that expensive shit.

–49th & 7th

Oveheard by: Prefers the expensive shit

Drunk guy, to his date: The reason I’m buying all of this coke is so that we can fuck.

–6th St, between 2nd & 3rd Ave

Overheard by: Danielle

Girl: Can you imagine saying your vows when you’re that coked up?

–Remsen St, Brooklyn Heights

Party girl: Oh my God, she took a picture of me one time while I was doing a line, and I was, like, so pissed!

–Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park

Dude: America runs on cocaine.

–W Broadway

Overheard by: ritajones

Goth chick: I just want to buy some fucking groceries so we don’t spend all our money on coke.

–Whole Foods, 14th St