Preppy girl #1: Wow, now we all have the same necklace! We should all wear them the next time we go out!
Preppy girl #2: Yeah! We’d be like the Power Rangers or something!
Preppy girl #3: Or we’d be like douchebags.

Eastern Market
Washington, DC

Overheard by: office peon does d.c.

Preppy girl: Oh my god, I have, like, two wives. I think I have a husband… I used to have a boyfriend and two wives.
Guy: That seems to happen to a lot of people…

Amherst, Massachusetts

Overheard by: shiny

Preppy teen girl #1: Well, do you like her?
Preppy teen girl #2: I mean, yeah, I like her… But she has got to do something about her mustache!

Newport News, Virginia

Overheard by: Sam

Preppy guy on cell: So, you’re pissed. I guess ’cause I lied. Or, yeah, I understand — ’cause I had sex with someone else last night. What was I supposed to do, wake up and say, ‘Oh, hey, I have a girlfriend’ to her? … Look, babe, I love you, but I’m 19 and I’m human.
Drunk guy from dorm window: And an asshole!

Boston College
Newton, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Drew