Preppy Asian chick on cell: I don't care if he's dying. I'm not going to move my car from a parking spot.

University of Tennessee

Overheard by: Jessica

Freshman boy trying to flirt with girl: I'm from Boston and he's from Boston and he's Chinese and he likes Bruce Lee, naked, naked, naked. (pokes Chinese friend)

University Library
Binghamton, New York

Overheard by: Brianna

Preppy girl on cell: Yeah. He just got out of jail and he's hitting on me again.

Salem Community High School
Salem, Illinois

Overheard by: LiLlistna

Preppy guy: You’re such a bitch, Alexandra.
Alexandra: Thanks?
Preppy guy: No, in a good way.
Alexandra: How can you be a bitch in a good way?
Preppy guy: You’re the kind of bitch that makes me wish I was gay so we could sit at an outside cafe and make fun of people’s outfits when they walk by.

Starbucks, Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: i want to, too!

Huge gangsta boy: Maaaan, gimme a hug!
Preppy white friend: What?! No!
Huge gansta boy: What the fuck, man, just gimme a goddam hug!

High School
Nashville, Tennessee

Preppy freshman chick leaving dining hall: So, life decision for today: I want to become a Gummi Bear!

University of Mary Washington
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Overheard by: Anna Deaton

Preppy white boy: You're both women, and you're Asian! How can you have messy handwriting??
Professor: Wait, did I really just hear that?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: The non-asian woman

Preppy girl #1: Yeah, so he’s going to be in Iraq until early December, and then he gets to be here until early January, and then he starts his second tour.
Preppy girl #2: That’s awesome.
Preppy girl #1: Yeah, except that he’s dating my best friend.

Judiciary Square Metro Station
Washington, DC

Overheard by: V

Preppy guy on cell: Really? He didn't spit on me when I fed him the other day.

Cal Poly Pomona
Pomona, California

Overheard by: sorry, my llama is unpredictable

Short skinny emo girl: I'm half gay.
Preppy dude walking by: There is so much to say there, so much to say.

Natick, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Un-gay friend.