Preppy girl #1: So the Apocalypse is totally going to happen… It's scary.
Preppy girl #2: Yeah, I know, right?

High School Hall

Loud preppy undergrad: So I said to him, ‘Either you sleep with me or you clean the sheets.’

Alexander’s Restaurant
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Preppy cutie, about steroided-up jock: Oh my god! He just winked at me!
Sarcastic friend: You sure it's not a twitch?
Preppie cutie: Your mom has a twitch! That's how she had you!
(friends stare)
Friend: What?!

El Paso, Texas

Overheard by:

Teen girl #1: I don't get why they put “eat it” by the cheerleaders.
Teen girl #2: Me neither. You can't, like, eat cheers.
Teen girl #1: Yeah… But you can eat cheerleaders.

High School

Preppy girl on cell: You know, why don't you talk more? Why don't you participate? I just wish you would say something not stupid.

Somerville, Massachusetts

Overheard by: timmmm

Preppy girl #1: So, Emily's a total slut.
Preppy girl #2: I know, right?
Preppy guy: Wait, what's she like?
Preppy girl #1: Umm, like, a d.
Preppy girl #2: No, no, no: double d.
Preppy guy: I was talking about her personality, but thanks…

Manhattan, New York

Preppy tween girl #1: So you're grounded?
Preppy tween girl #2: Worse. My mom threw away my pacifiers.

Madison, Wisconsin

High school freshman, examining friend's boot in hallway: These are like hooker boots, except crochet.

High School

Overheard by: One fine piece of needlework

Preppy girl #1: So I had it all over me, it was on my hands and my face…
Preppy girl #2: Oh my god! Did you throw up?

San Luis Obispo, California

13-year-old preppy white girl: It be sneakah time, ya'll!

Deptford Mall
Deptford, New Jersey