Chick holding both sides of head: This side of my head hurts!

Verona, New Jersey

Girl #1: I’m so glad you could make it out tonight! How are you?
Girl #2: I’m okay. I have a headache from crying.

Steppenwolff Theater
Chicago, Illinois

Dude #1: I have a really bad headache.
Dude #2: You know what cures that? Sodomy!


Little girl to mom: This ice cream is screwing with my mind.

Dayton, Ohio

Overheard by: heather

Guy: I took some ibuprofen, and then when I woke up in the morning all my clothes were off. Luckily, my headache was gone.

Seattle, Washington

Woman #1: Sorry I'm late, I had bad anxiety.
Woman #2: I have bad allergies and a hangover.
Woman #1: Well, I'm pregnant.
Woman #3, looking up suddenly: What!?
Woman #1: Top that!

Barnes & Noble
Birmingham, Alabama

Conductor: Welcome on board the 4:15 service to Wolverhampton, calling at Smethwick, Sandwell and… Oh god, my head… (mic cuts out for a while) Sandwell… and Dudley, and Wolverhampton… (breathes heavily, deep sigh, mic cuts out again)

Birmingham to Wolverhampton Train

Overheard by: xSJBx