Overheard at Cornell

Frat boy: Nah, I’m not going out tonight. I’d rather wake up tomorrow and have a problem set done instead of a fat girl.


Overheard by: doug

Whiny girl: My flight was canceled!
Friend: Oh, no! … Your hair looks great!


Overheard by: Paris

Art history TA: This print depicts the sacrifice of Isaac, which is a biblical story where God told Abraham to kill his first-born son.
Bimbette: Oh. My. God. That’s… terrible! That’s almost as bad as a girl telling her boyfriend that he needs to get rid of his dog because she’s allergic.


Overheard by: mary

Dude #1: Dude, have you ever, y’know, worked with slop?
Dude #2: Yeah, I’ve done it.
Dude #1: No, seriously, dude — you’ve never been there… with the trough…
Dude #2: Dude, I totally have too done it.
Dude #1: When?
Dude #2: I dunno, man, but I’ve done it.


Overheard by: florack

Chick on cell: Okay, good luck with the bees and good luck with the scoliosis.


Distressed girl: I don’t know how many bitches I have!


Overheard by: queer engineer

Guy to girl selling breast cancer t-shirts: I’ll do it later — the kids with cancer will still have cancer.


Overheard by: Mike

Guy in sociology class: So male and female… Are those races?


Overheard by: doug

Guy: I’ll do the work and you’ll do the Chinese dance in sexy underwear.
Angry Chinese girl: No!


Overheard by: ad’a

Sorostitute: I hear seminal fluid makes your teeth whiter.


Overheard by: doug