Girl #1: …and I went on the American Nazi Party website, and it’s–
Girl #2: I know! It’s hysterical.

–26th & Park

Overheard by: Kevin Stone

Queer: Do you know why else I want to move to London? Camdentown. There are lots of punks.
Chick: But wouldn’t there also be a lot of white supremacists?
Queer: I could do white supremacists.
Chick: But aren’t they also homophobic?
Queer: No, just repressed.

–Law office, 50th & 8th

Yuppie: If we just let them kill the Jews we wouldn’t have this problem. Then we could buy oil for $6 a barrel.

–A train

Girl: Is that soup place the Soup Nazi? Did he go out of business?
Guy: Yeah, ever since Soup V.E. Day…

–55th & 8th

Overheard by: Lindsay Robertson