Dancing girl #1: How do you know how to line dance?
Dancing girl #2: I was a Girl Scout!
Dancing girl #1: What? Are all Girl Scouts rednecks?


Professor: Back then they actually had Hell located on the map. It was in the north.
Student: In Canada?

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Claire

Bookstore worker to friend: Will you stop saying things I’ll remember the rest of my life?

New Haven, Connecticut

Angry neighbor: Well, obviously he didn’t appreciate the shaved vagina, or he would have called.

Elizabeth Street
Derby, Connecticut

Male teacher talking about student: Yeah, that ear infection made her go deaf. She wears one of those things in her head. The implant.
Meanest lady ever: Her life is over. You can't be deaf and ugly. That is too many things.
Male teacher: She's five!
Meanest lady ever: By six she'll barely be a person.

Fairfield, Connecticut

Woman to small child: Oh, yes, Satan is very busy. He’s, uh… He’s… Yeah, he’s veeery busy.

New Haven, Connecticut

Teenage boy to school friend: Dude, why would you buy a pocket vagina and not use it?

High School
Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Murray

Guy in Mexican restaurant: Have you ever met the Pope?
Girl in Mexican restaurant: No. He's dead.

Groton, Connecticut

Overheard by: Newt

Girl: The first Pokemon movie was really sad.
Guy #1: Oh, yeah! It made me cry.
Girl: I couldn’t believe when Pikachu almost died…
Guy #2: Have you guys seen Pokemon porn?
Girl: Okay, let’s just stop right there.
Guy #2: No, it’s crazy. You know Misty? She’ll do like anything!

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Claire

Old lady, walking up to old man: Hi there. Sorry I was just staring off at you. I had something on my mind and I think you were thinking it too. Bye!
Old man: Bye.

Sacred Heart University