Overheard in Minneapolis

Girl in debate to two guys at her table: But that doesn't make it gay. You're still having heterosexual sex, but you're just doing it next to yourself.


Overheard by: true

Lesbian: People eat testicles here, too?!


Overheard by: orly

Male Wal-Mart employee to female coworker: Come on, what's your problem? (smiles at her)
Female coworker: I can't smile. I work here.


Overheard by: A. Lil

7th-grade-boy to another: I didn't know Martin Luther King Jr. was black!


Overheard by: scared for the future of education.

Female suit to another: So…how do we do things that make it look like we're doing things?


Overheard by: corporate America, we have a problem

Woman: So, we didn't check the restaurants to see if they had a dress code, so we couldn't eat anywhere because you had to wear pants.


Overheard by: sxoidmal

Professor: America has a terrible problem with nipples.


Overheard by: tru dat?

Girl on cell: It's not that I don't want to get wasted. I want to get wasted. I just don't want to get fucked up, you know? So I'm not really sure what to do.


Overheard by: I have that dilemma often

Man to bundled up girl who sat down ten minutes before: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're a lady? I mean, when you sat down, I totally thought you were a man. I can see you're a lady now, but I could've sworn…
Girl: Uhmmm… Yeah, thanks.


Overheard by: Ian

College girl on cell: So, it's all good? Cause I'm just re-using the same guys over and over! My number doesn't go up!


Overheard by: just eating my pizza